Outreach Services

We provide consultation to existing school programs and districts through our Outreach Services. Consultation includes assessment, program development, training, and supervision utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Training is provided to instructors in the form of an initial introduction to and overview of autism and behavior analytic techniques. Supervision hours are based on the total weekly hours of on-site supervision, remote supervision, and meetings. Program supervision is conducted by the Director of Outreach, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, a Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst, and/or qualified Case Manager.

CCCD Outreach can provide a variety of customized services to fit each child’s needs:

• Direct program supervision in home, public or private school and/or community locations

• Child-specific program development for an existing program in home, public or private school setting

• Short or long-term general program consultation to a public or private school

• Training presentations or workshops for public or private agencies on various topics related to autism or Applied Behavior Analysis

For more information contact Erica Cardona at 203-477-4125 or email cardona@iepinc.org