School/Home/Clinic-Based Consultation

Behavioral Consultation is provided as part of the continuum of care within the Intensive Behavior Treatment Services clinic.

• Children & adolescents ages 5-21yrs are eligible for this service.
• Clients who display behaviors that interfere with academic programming and/or
... other activities of daily living, such as physical aggression, disruptive behavior,
... noncompliance, feeding and toileting issues.

• This service includes direct observation of the client coupled with consultation with
... caregivers and/or staff.
• Consultation also includes direct training and coaching on treatment implementation.

• Consultation is provided either at the clinic, in the client’s home or school, or other
...location (e.g., hospital).

• This service is delivered for 1-2 hours per visit, 1-2 visits per week.

• Self-pay*
• Contract with school district

*Following payment, families may be able to submit bills to their private insurance for partial/full reimbursement