Community Education

CCCD participates in a variety of professional training initiatives to help close the gap between the number of individuals with autism and the availability of professionals trained to work specifically with the population. Through our Community Education Initiative, we assist in the development of new schools and services; contribute to the growing body of research and literature focused on evidence-based interventions; and host internships in applied behavior analysis and special education. Customized internship opportunities are provided at each private school campus, the Outreach Program, at the Institute of Educational Planning, or any of the other CCCD extra-curricular or respite programs.

Conferences & Lectures

In addition to participating in a variety of local, national and international conferences, CCCD hosts lectures, conferences, and workshops on a variety of topics related to Applied Behavior Analysis and autism education and treatment in and around Connecticut and Alaska.

Professional Development Training

Upon request, CCCD provides speakers to other organizations. We work with you to determine topics that will meet the goals of your group or organization. If you would like to make arrangements for CCCD to provide speakers to your group or organization please contact Suzanne Letso at

School Start Up Services

CCCD provides school start-up consultation that can include both clinical and administrative support, as well as assistance in organizational development and program design. For more information please contact Suzanne Letso at

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